21 July 2011

Indy & Bloomington shows announced here. More shows announced soon! New review of Holy Infinite Freedom Revivalists here. Would you like a copy to review? Drop us a line!

16 June 2011

New show added in Indy, June 25th @ the Irving Theater. All-ages! Click fer details!

5 May 2011

Check out our new video for "Why Believe", filmed by the kind folks at Love Drunk Studio and Hearnebraska.org. Audio & video were both recorded live in one take! Thanks to Marmoset for their front yard, and for Fountain Square for providing group vocals. "Why Believe" will be the first track on this summer's album Do It On the Moon. More news soon, until then, check out our next Indy show on May 21st at the White Rabbit Cabaret.

11 April 2011

Our new 4EP-CD, Holy Infinite Freedom Revivalists, is up & available for purchase via the music page! We're also streaming one track a day from that release for the next month via our Facebook page, so check that out and get to listening. You'll also be able to snag a copy at any of our upcoming shows.

Do It On the Moon is being mixed and sounding great...we hope to have a release date soon. Until then...



10 March 2011
Tracking for Do It On the Moon has wrapped! Following mixing & mastering, we are looking towards a Summer 2011 release date. More on that when the details are worked out...

Before that, we'll be releasing 4 EP's on a single CD. That should be out in the next month, featuring music from Everything, Now!, Works Cited, Golden Moses, and John Henry Thor. Tracklists and music will be up online soon, and it'll be at shows and in local record shops about the same time. Look for announcements on that end soon...


29 January 2011
We're 9 days of tracking into Do It on the Moon, and are hoping for a Spring/Summer 2011 release. I'd say the record is about 90% complete! In the meantime, we'll also be releasing a set of 4 EPs on one CD...look for that soon. At upcoming shows, look for some oldies to be worked into the set. Anyone with any pictures or video of recent shows, make sure you send 'em over to everythingnowmusic AT gmail DOT com. We'd be much obliged.

Speaking of oldies, you can stream most of our albums from the Music page, as well as get ahold of cheap physical copies! Including the double-disc re-issue of Bible Universe & Ugly Magic. Hoping to put a few other goodies online too...check back soon to see! (Our 2008 EP, Prequels & Parallels, is now available for free download!)

16 December 2010
We're two more days into Do It on the Moon. Did we mention that this record will be vinyl only? Temperatures in Drew's basement have been below 50, but that hasn't stopped Allen from shredding brutally dad-rockin' solos, Drew from squeezing out the trippiest, squishiest, drippiest sounds from various keyed instruments, and Jon & Tyler from overseeing all the action while singing, "Put it on a pizza." Progress is being made! See you in 2011! -EN!

5 December 2010
Thanks to all who came out to the show with our buddies in Margot & Jookabox at the Vogue. It was a super-great time! Also thanks to Ken & Tonic Ball for having us back again this year at Tonic Ball 9…another packed house and super evening. This month we aim to finish our 6th record…only time will tell if this happens. Look for more shows in 2011…the ninth year of the band. Whoa!

5 October 2010

Big news! We are playing the Vogue for the kick-off party to this year's Broad Ripple Music Fest

18 July 2010

hello from planet everything, now!

some news to report: We started recording our new album "Do It On The Moon" today with Tyler Watkins at Bottom-Touchin' Studios (located on the brown side of the moon AKA Drew's basement). This will be our best album ever. It will be on vinyl. With gorgeous art by Allen Bannister, the guy who assassinated Warhol.

In between finishing this up, we are playing a number of shows that you should check out. Featuring new material and old material.

Also, peep some live videos from last summer's formation here: live @ radio radio.

And of course, some new songs up at Musical Family Tree. Listen now!

love, en!

31 May 2010

hey peoples---do internet folk still read actual websites? with designs? or have we all migrated to those social media pigpens? regardless...we have shows coming up june 5th in Indy & june 12th in Muncie! Check them out, hear some new songs that we'll be recording this summer for another record. Come and say, "Hey, I remember you guys when you had more hair!"

9 April 2010

hello---we are back on the interwebs. look for a few shows this summer, in-between which we will be making a new full-length. cause why not? we also have a 3" CD coming out through the peoples at Crossroads of America Records and Flannelgraph Records. It's a subscription series that'll put 2 new 3" CDs in yer mailbox each month this year. There may even be a subscription or two left!
More news & possibly new songs soon, EN!

September 24, 2009 -

Here's how to do something awesome: 1. Go HERE. 2. Vote for Everything, Now! 3. Tell everyone you know to do likewise. Maybe call up those people at acorn and get them to help!! Anyone can vote!

We need you now more than ever, online community of fans. If we win this virtual battle of the bands, we will get to play the Broad Ripple Music Fest kick-off show at the Vogue on Oct. 16th in Indianapolis! We've never been popular enough to actually get to play the Vogue, but with your help we can fake it and get a totally sweet show.

As you know, things got rough for E,N! and we're on a bit of a hiatus, or slowdown if you will. But we are going to be playing shows again soon in the Indianapolis area (including a BRMF showcase Oct. 17th at Locals Only)... Playing at the Historic Vogue Theater would be a great way for us to get back in the swing of things. After so many financial disasters and line-up changes, it sure would feel nice to play a great big party like this one!

And if not, well shit. But at least we can all say we tried!

Thanks friends,

Jon/Everything, Now!

August 16, 2009 -

We're on vacation.

Eric has gone to New York.

Justin has gone to Chicago.

Jon has gone to Indianapolis.

Dave is surfing the astral.

July, 2, 2009 -

We have a lot of things going on right. Exciting things, strange things, big things. First of all, we have had a change of lineup. Dan, our drummer has left the band, so we have spent that last few weeks in our new practice space, reorienting to this new four man line up with half of us switching up for the drumming role. We have been practicing long and hard to get our game face ready for our next tour which is now only two weeks away. We are really excited to be going east again and also down south. We are playing with Casper and the Cookies every night so it should be a really fun tour. We just bought a new van so we will be riding in style. It's very cool and has two VCR's and a few tape decks, so Doog is dreaming of filming and editing new music videos on the road, in the van! Other exciting news: We will have a new and very nice release for this tour. We have rereleased Bible Universe and Ugly Magic as a double disc collectors set with some brand new and beautiful artwork. Crafty hand drew it and it is one of the most beautiful and attactive releases we have put out. You're going to want to buy it even if you already own both these records. We will see you in a few weeks, with a new lineup, an improved sound, and a sweet new keyboard. Till then, love en! xoxo

May 26, 2009 -

We have returned to Indiana from the west coast. The tour was amazing and fun. We had a great time with our old friends Margot and the Nuclear So & So's and we made great new friends, the band Telekinesis. Some tour highlights include, being on the LA News (check the video section), playing (and selling out!) some of the coolest venues in the west, Dave yelling "Grunge Lives" on the streets of Seattle, so much friendly hospitality from all the people that let us stay at their house, enjoying great homemade stew cooked right in the venue everynight courtesy of Doog, mountains!, oceans!, and sitting in a minivan for endless hours having great conversations between 5 great friends. We are taking the next 6 weeks to get 12 new songs ready and then we leave again for a month long tour through the East Coast and the South with Casper and the Cookies. Check out tour highlights in the 2009 photo gallery!

April 27, 2009 -

As we prepare for our Bone-Us Bros. 3D West Coast Tour with Margot and the Nuclear So & So's we have prepared the following for you: new T-Shirt colors and designs at the
shows, new Works Cited digital rereleases for free download in the Misc Music section, new 2009 photos and videos and a few old videos, too. We will be
posting the dates for our Julyy/Augustust "Endless Recess" East Coast/Southern tour. We have also started working on our next record, the sequel to Spatially
Severed, the second in the trilogy, entitled "Do it on the Moon!" We hope to start recording in Augustust. We love you forever.

April 6, 2009 -

We are back from tour with tons of goodies for the website. First off, check out a whole slew of new dates and new tours covering the west coast and midwest. Then feel free to browse the new photos in the 2009 gallery and then check out all the new videos from our latest tour, including an hour long video of the radio show we were on last week. More dates coming soon along with new re-issues, and the last of the Sunshine of Doom and Deadbeats split vinyl for sale at our upcoming shows. Thanks to everyone who made this tour awesome for us. We are just getting started to keep watching this window!

March 26, 2009 -

As we finalize our tour plans and pack up our gear for the Midwest Orbit Tour (starting tomorrow), we have a special video treat to get you in the Everything,
Now! mood. Earlier in the week, we recorded a few songs and an interview for a local news outlet. You can watch it as many times as you want by clicking
right here. Then after you have gotten burned out on that,
come out to one of our midwestern shows, happening every day for the next few weeks. Can't wait to see you. Love EN!

March 16, 2009 -

In case you didn't know, we are on a campaign of digitally re-releasing Everything, Now! related material that is out of print or impossible to find.
Last month, we released the CD version of Sunshine of Doom and the Deadbeats Split (both available for free download in the Music section).
This month, we have an extra special treat. The album is called "Hope." It is a side project between Jon and Justin from 2005 that was
never properly released and not many people have heard it. So I highly recommend you go to the Music Misc. section and download it. I am sure
you will be pleasantly suprised. Coming soon: more side project digital re-releases and an extra special edition double disk Everything, Now! re-issue coming in May!

March 12, 2009 -

Great things are afoot. We are making big plans for a West Coast tour in May in support of a new (secret) release. Then in June some smaller jaunts around the Midwest and East Coast. For now, let your eyes gaze on the new dimension we have entered AND help us write and edit our own myth on Wikipedia. Be as creative as you can. We encourage it!

March 9, 2009 -

Check out the new Art section. A gallery of flyers created by our fearless leader, Jon "Ali Baba" David "Crafty" Rogers III! We will see you soon.

March 2, 2009 -

For your listening pleasure, we have added some new goodies to the Music section; rare tracks, live tracks, and tracks from out of print albums. Enjoy!!!

February 27, 2009 -

Check out the new video for Lifting Waits in the video section. It was heavily inspired by a movie being made in our community called Murder Toilet. We are currently preparing for our midwestern tour. Its only three or so weeks away. If you haven't seen the flyer, check it out, it's a work of art. We will be playing some new songs, and some yet unplayed songs from Spatially Severed. We just added all the reviews and interviews that we have accumlated over the years to the Media section of the site. If you are really bored, check out our six
year long photo galleries. If you've already done all that, try a backflip onto a horses back. We've got to go get fitted for our all-white suits and make appointments for professionally styled hair cuts! See you there.

February 16, 2009 -

Everything, Now! has completed the Earth tour and WOW! It was a wild trek to new york and back, and it was amazing! We made a lot of new friends, played new songs, tightened into our new permanant lineup, and generally had a great time. I'm so proud of the band for our accomplishments, but none of it would have been possible without all the great people we met, bands we played with, and all the old friends we hadn't seen in so long! Huge thanks to Dan F. at Transpanther Booking for making it our best tour yet (not to mention the van). Also, thanks to everyone we met at the shows, and all the old friends we saw along the way including but not limited to:

(Akron:) Bethany, Matt

(Jamestown:) Jon, Jeff, Labyrinth Press Co., Mojo's, all the wonderful people!

(Scranton:) Brian and Rudy and the other dudes at The Bog

(New Haven/Manchester:) Deric, Andy, Maria, Josh, Abby and friends, The Visitations, BAR (best one ever)

(Boston:) David and Doctors Fox and Polk Records and the whole crew at All Asia

(NYC:) Karin, Wendy, Isaac, James, Jon Daly, Kevin, Phil, Natan, McCutcheon, Tyler, McKenzie from Rosewood Thieves, Piano's for giving us a bonus last minute show! Everybody else we met there...

(Philly:) Arrah, Carl, DJ, Danger Danger Jeff, etc.

If we forgot you, you must be a secret friend who asked us (in a heat of drunken indiscretion) not to mention yr name... Look forward to many more tours this year! Also, check out some live videos that just got pasted at: Laundry Matinee. See you in a month!

February 4, 2009 -

We had another far out show on the Moon two nights ago. We are having some really special photos developed that we will be posting soon. We leave for tour in a few hours and we can't wait to see you all. Say a prayer for our safe travels in the snowy Northeast and let the archangels guide us towards our path of Highest good! Much love... xoxo e,n!

January 30, 2009 -

We have one show in Indiana tomorrow and then on Wedensday, we are on tour. Here is a little of what to expect from Everything Now! this time around: Serious Space Gospel, Four smiling dudes that would love a hug, new van, new t shirts, IN HEAVEN SMOKING TREES, all the best parties that you've ever been to, and a healing musical experience at 11 towns around the East Coast. Unfortunately Dave is not going to be able to make it, so we are traveling light with only one guitar player. We have got it worked out and you are really going to love it, so bring some friends so you can talk about it later. Also, tickets go sale tomorrow for our April 3rd show in Chicago. You can buy tickets online in advance at www.subt.net. Please do! It's after the end of the world, don't you know that yet?

January 22, 2009 -

We have two great shows this weekend. Tonight in Indianapolis, we are headlining The Delicious' CD Release party. Then tomorrow night we are playing in Bloomington at a Chili Cookoff! We are all making our own chili's. Come check it out. Dave is going to make us French style Chili. There are going to be lots of tasty things to try. We just got all our gear revamped from Campus Bob in Muncie (our hero), so everything is sounding extra nice. There will be horns and chili and space drums and wildness and you dont want to miss this kind of party.

January 16, 2009 -

What do you want to happen when you die? Have you thought about this? Not, what do you expect to happen or think will happen, but what do YOU want to happen? Do you want to be united with the glorious love of God or do you want to go to a magical land with rivers of beer and candy plants? Take a minute to give this some thought and hold that thought in your mind and see what happens... Don't forget that Everything, Now is leaving for tour in two weeks and there is a good chance that if you are reading this we will be coming to your area. We will be playing new songs from Spatially Severed and some choice cuts from the old records. We are bringing new T-Shirts and some freshly drawn copies of Sunshine of Doom on vinyl. See you soon.

January 10, 2009 -

We have been working hard since we got back from tour. Not only do we have a brand new website, but we have some new music videos for songs off of Spatially Severed and more are in the works. We leave for another tour in just a few weeks. We will be playing lots of new songs and some old ones too. We are psyched! We are preparing our uniforms of light and charging up for this next adventure. The angels smile down on us and we beam their cosmic love. Also if you haven't downloaded our free Prequels and Parallels ep, then Click Here!

January 7, 2009 -

We just found out that Spatially Severed has been rated the number 4 album of the year by Nuvo. Here’s what they said: "4. Everything, Now!, Spatially Severed (Musical Family Tree). Like the Nuggets compilations of obscure garage rock bands from the '60s and '70s, Everything, Now! explores different territory on each track from their new record, managing to sound like — to use some less obscure bands as points of comparison — The Kinks, ? and the Mysterians, Procul Harum, The Who and The Bonzo Dog Band before they're through. The thing about those collections is that rabid collectors sifted through a lot of dross to find songs with decent hooks and an ineffable (and irreproducible) energy. That E, N! can construct this kind of pastiche all by themselves and leave very few throwaways is all the more impressive."

January 6, 2008 -

You can check out an interview with our singer Ali Baba on the Architects and Heroes webzine. Read it here: http://architectheroes.blogspot.com/2009/01/7-questions-with-everything-now.html

January 1, 2009 -

This is the beginning of a new age for Everything, Now! 2009 marks the beginning of our conquest to take bake the radio, take back the TV, take back the internet. We are really serious. We hold a message, a vibration, a light and we have strong intentions to let it grow through whatever medium we can get our hands on. This is the year of expansion, of growth, of love. This is the year we bring the light to the people. And so it is.

December 31st, 2008-

We just posted the flyer for our Moon tour. Our first show is in a few weeks, January 5th. We are playing at Mare Humorum. We will be doing lots of documenting for this amazing tour. Look for photos soon.

December 17, 2008 -

We have an interview on the front page of Buzzgrinder.com! Check it out.

November 8, 2008 -

Fall brings a lot of big changes for the band. The ever changing lineup changes further; Drew Deboy has moved from keyboard player to accountant and previous member Eric and Justin have returned from their spiritual retreat to fullfill the bands destiny.

November 4, 2008 -

Our new album, Spatially Severed, is now available for purchase. You can get it at all the good stores including the internet, independant record stores, and even some big ones if you choose to. Spatially Severed. You know like when you wake up as a giant roach or like When your head turns into a geometrical prism or like When you start to tell a story but it turns into another story and like you can't remember which story you set out to tell or who's even telling it any more... sometimes the story TURNS INTO YOU...

Spatially Severed. Like drinking the sky or sleeping in a rainbow, impossibly hard to imagine but easy to believe! IT COMES IN COLORS.

IT COMES IN FLAVORS. IT'S BETTER THAN A TACO and sweeter than a pie!

Spatially Severed. It's SPATIALLY SEVERED betch'll never get enough

Everything, Now! embarks on a week long tour of the American Southeast tomorrow! we couldn't be more excccccited!!! Keep checking our page because we're doing some Midwest/Northeastern US tour shows in December with aLETHIO, then some more with MARGOT AND THE NUCLEAR SO & SOS whose Tyler Watkins© recorded and co-produced SPATIALLY SEVERED with Jesus Christ!

This 16 song space pop explosion with soon be available for purchase on our website. It is also available from CD baby, i-tunes, and digstation, the coolest place to buy independent albums online! Follow your heart and support lovely music. EVERYTHING, NOW! quality blogging since 1892. Making lightning rock records since 2003.

November 1, 2008 -

Our fall tour begins soon. We will head down south for a week and when we get back we start preparations for another short tour with Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s. We have also just announced our newest tour. Everything, Now! 2009 Tour of THE MOON!! Starting on the first Monday of January, we will be doing a year long tour of the moon. We will be doing a show on the moon on the first monday of every month. We are hoping that we set some kind of record for being the first band to tour the moon. Dates will be posted soon.

September 19, 2008 -

You can now download our new free EP, Prequels and Parallels. It has some hits off of our upcoming album Spatially Severed, and it also has some b-sides from the recording session and one song from Bible Universe and Ugly Magic.

September 28,2008 -

Great News! We just had our last meeting with our lawyer. Our plan really came out to our advantage. We are going to be receiving a large check very soon and we have big plans for the money. Stay tuned for news of our next tour. It's going to be very exciting and exotic.

September 18, 2008 - You can hear some our new songs on the newest episode of the Good Beer Show. episode 160. We drink Brugge, some crazy new Budweiser, and my homemade Diet Chocolate Sprite IPA. It was an amazing time, and it is your first opportunity to hear new tracks from SPATIALLY SEVERED. LISTEN! LISTEN NOW! http://goodbeershow.com

Julyy 15, 2008 -

Everything, Now! has become part of the legendary Five Winds of Estra. Along with fellow bands and wizards NormanOak, Brother Dolphin, Castle Oldchair, and Kid Primitive Family, we are now working on a mission that involves the liberation of the population of the Earth.

April 1, 2008 -

Eric has left the state for a long while to persure matters of spirit. We have brought in David Pierre Carter to play the bass. He just moved to the US from France and is very excited to raise his crown to the level that Everything, Now! is working on.

March 12, 2008 -

We just got back from the first meeting with our lawyer. We can't really say much about it on here, but if it works out for us, this could be a great financial opportunity for the band.

December 20, 2007-

Everything, Now! has run into a very interesting legal situation involving government officials and the set of a porn movie. It's looking like we are running up against a few months worth of dealing with lawyers, but we just might end up ahead here.

December 09, 2007-

2007 into 2008. I know that I speak for everyone when I say 2007 was a pretty good year. We had some fantastic shows, the best tours so far, played with some great bands (man man, starlight mints, elf power, mouser/col. knowledge/any band mercer is in, countless deadbeats/en! party-shows...), and released 2 full-lengths, both of which we hand-painted and assembled (which takes one metric ass-load of hours).

But what about 2008, y'all? Well we have some plans. or planz. plan Z.

-we're heading back into the studio very shortly and will emerge with an as-of-yet untitled LP. or even a 2xLP. to be released on No Record Label, which will become a real imprint this year. though we have no shows scheduled at the time, we did road test 4 of them last night to a positive reaction. tours will follow later next year, though since we currently have no van, i can't give a timetable on this, either.

-we should be announcing a new, 5th member of the band, likely at our next show.

-and on a personal (label) note, i'm hoping to release some stuff from the archives on our imprint, namely the Works Cited full-length, and possibly a Sunshine of Doom-related release once the vinyl goes OOP (which it is nearly).

November 08, 2007-

a long list of thanks...

to anyone involved in our last 2 tours:

-deadbeats for playing so many shows with us. and letting us use gear, van, & pizza. you complete us (or would, if we were a 9-piece).

-muncie for making the record release show an incredible, packed house, great experience.

-elbow room in michigan for buyin' all dat shit.

-arrah & co. for making chicago a super kick-ass show & time.

-anchors, balloons additionally, for helping chicago kick ass, and being some of the most incredibly nice & genuine kids.

-Julyian for putting us up in a beach house, and feeding us waffles, then sandwiches.

-sherman for putting us up in chicago. sorry for keeping you out so late.

-no thanks to sherman's cat for peeing all over my sleeping bag.

-all our chicago friends (carolyn, clark, joe, hannah, cody, dave) for coming out. joe d. for hooking it alllllll up. you all rule.

-the record bar for having us, the sperms & restless breed for being 2 of the best bands we played with on tour. nathan for coming out and supporting some poor dudes on tour. justin & shawn for putting us up and giving us beer.

-grandpa & co. for putting on a late-notice house show in springfield. falcon punch & jesse james wax museum for proving that small towns everywhere have great bands. for real. yall should go on tour and let us know.

-dan's grandparents for telling us dan-stories and feedin' us on the road.

-soundpony for tasty IPA's, introducing us to the "shot-dog", and being generally awesome. crackerwagon & co. for denny's and awesome accomodations!

-pet hospital for being good at a really awful show in denton. dude from austin who drove so far to see us! and shit....i can't remember your name, i know everyone else does, but thanks for putting us up in yr new place before you'd really even moved in. hope we didn't smell it up too bad.

-lady in silver springs who was nice to us after our van broke. dude who paid us 70 bones for our van....hope it works out for ya, buddy. shaggin-wagon?

-casey & HFU in little rock for providing kick-ass times as usual.

-avis guy for letting us get a mini-van and not be stuck in arkansas.

-organ thief for playing with us in memphis, being good, and not getting mad when we had to leave. p & h cafe for being relaxing, memphis for having tasty ribs, and kerry for coming out and providing friendly faces on the road.

-athens! mercer & kelsey for always working something out for us no matter the day (sunday!) or what's going on (wedding!). col. knowledge for being awesome like all athens bands we play with. crafty's parents for feeding us and letting us wash the road sweat away.

-andy from NC for having heard of us before....word. sorry we didn't have a hardcore t-shirt to hang on the wall...

-jenna's sister (once again...names! i suck!) for letting us stay in an apartment in NC. that ruled so hard.

-castle gayskull & blagard for being cool folks and making NC pretty home-y.

-mason & andy & hands down eugene for being the best band, bar none, we play with. almost embarrassing to share the stage with y'all.

-josh for putting us up again in nashville. thanks man!

-jason & the pilot light for having us back a third time, and senryu for playing as well. another great night at....yes, our favorite venue on the road. thanks for putting us up too.

-liz & transy radio folk for being nice to 4 really tired dudes, and setting it up so last-minute. thanks to the kids who came out on a beautiful day!

-hands down & carter admin. for playing in indy with us on the last night....next time maybe we'll be in-town to promote. still good times though.

September 05, 2007-

Ring the bell! Light the fire! Poison your enemies with LSD (why not? the government already does it)! Turn off your cell phone and smash your i-pod! Slap old people around! It's time to change your mind and possibly the world.

Ugly Magic is here. Ugly magic is a bit queer. And we're giving you a few days to get used to it before its official release on September 14th!!! Every day or so, we're posting another track from the album on our myspace page. So don't miss it.

Let's wake up the piece (peace?) that disappeared some time ago.

October 27, 2006 -

Your Mother Should Know... No shows lately, but plenty of news.

"Sunshine of Doom" is available now from St. Ives Records! It's a limited edition vinyl pressing of our first album, and each of the 300 copies is lovingly hand decorated. Apparently, they're selling fast, so call your local record store and demand it now, before they're all gone. Tell them it's available through Secretly Canadian Distribution (they'll know who you're talking about).

The split LP with Everthus.The.Deadbeats is pressed and ready to go. Well, almost. The last report from Standard Recordings was that they're still waiting for the vinyl sleeves to come back from the printers. But it'll be worth the wait. Three brand new recordings from us as well as three of the best selections from the Deadbeat's dazzling debut, "Addicts Stuck in Traffic." And the art looks great!

We will have a song on Standard Recordings' Christmas compilation (I think it's called "A very Standard Christmas" or something...) This will be very limited edition too, and features everyone on Standard's roster (and a few more), so seek that one out! Our song is called "Jesus Christ / Nuclear War" and it's co-written by me and Sun Ra and Alex Chilton!

In case you didn't know, our new full-length, BIBLE UNIVERSE will be finished sometime in January, and will be out very shortly afterwards. And since you have all been so good, and waited so patiently since Police, Police!, there is a special bonus. A couple months after Bible Universe comes out, we will be finishing up our FOURTH album, Ugly Magic. Can you feel the excitement?!?

February 03, 2006 -

Possibly the coolest guy we know wrote a killer article about us in Nuvo. It's only taken three years for a peice of journalism this informative to reach the public! Thank you Jason at Luna! http://www.nuvo.net/archive/2006/02/01/legalizing_love.html

December 14, 2005 -

hey everyone. make sure you come to our indianapolis shows on the 23rd, 29th, and 30th. if recent practices are any indication, they are going to be explosive. 23rd and 29th are rumoured to sell-out, so make sure you get there EARLY. Also, a new review of police, police! is up at splendid magazine. they like it. and you can read it at: http://www.splendidmagazine.com/review.html?reviewid=113352552320424

September 29, 2005 -

we have some great shows coming up all around the state this month. come see us this weekend in west lafayette (our first time there, for free!) and bloomington, then later this month in muncie and kokomo.

we are also starting work on our third album in a week or so, and are super excited about it. some of you have heard at least three of these songs at shows, and two basement demos from this summer are already up, so check those if you haven't already.

lastly! though we'll be taking a break in november from (most) shows, still feel free to send any offers our way!

november 24 2004-

hey, a new show is up for december 10th, in fort wayne, so check that out. the record is finished, mixed, and mastered, so expect news about a release party soon. and remember, you can pre-order police, police! at standard recording's website.

november 14 2004-

hey kids. a new show is posted (it's on the 20th in indy), so check that. also look for some december dates very soon. as well as news about the record release party. thanks to everyone that's been coming out to the shows, especially this past friday in indianapolis @ the melody inn.

october 3 2004-

some real news. ben has left the band, so we replaced him with not just one, but two new members. welcome justin and jared to the band. their first shows with the band have already occurred, but you can see us as a six-piece this friday in muncie at doc's. also,,,quite a few more new shows will be up in a day or two, so check back soon.

september 18 2004-

first of all,,,thanks to everyone who came out last friday the 10th for the fundraising show,,,it exceeded all expectations. the album will be sent off to be pressed within the month!

second of all...more new shows are up...some in muncie, terre haute, and indianapolis.

thirdly...there are some press clippings up in the media section...check them out. more of those will be up soon.

Augustust 24 2004-

new shows are up. including a very important, very good show on september 10th, to raise money so that Police, Police! can finally come out. more updates on the way.

Julyy 6 2004-

new mp3 up! "Double Bath" (right-click and save-as to download), from the upcoming Fall 2004 release Police, Police! on Standard Recording. This song is also available on the Workman's Comp 3.5: Munkee, a compilation of Muncie bands. Thanks to Standard for hosting the song.

Julyy 5 2004-

jon will be releasing a solo cd, self-recorded on 8-track, under the name Works Cited. it should be out about the same time as Police, Police!, and is rumoured to have 17 songs of lo-fi goodness recommended for fans of our first record. and you can still get his noise/free-jazz project, Nor Mountain Man, for only $3 at any of our shows. it comes with original artwork, a ribbon, and quantities are very limited.

june 25, 2004-

Everything, Now! signed with Standard Recording Co. to release their forthcoming mini-album, Police, Police!, this very fall. The record is done being recorded, and now awaits mixing, artwork, and pressing, before its release. A tour is being planned for early Augustust that will take the band south to Georgia, up the East Coast, and back over to Indiana.